Questions & answers

In which languages is the e-learning tool currently available?

We are able to do the translations based on the needs of our customers. For the validation of the version (playing it through after translation) a language speaking contact from the customer might be needed.

The current version is available in Finnish, English, French, Russian and German. There is also discussions ongoing for Japanese version.

How long does the training take?

Average time to do the training is 20 minutes. The training needs to be done in one go, if the employee needs for some reason drop out and is not able to finished it, he needs to start from the beginning next time he logs in.

How is training deployed to users and how many users can it accommodate?

An Email with instructions and a link to the e-tool is sent to the employees to be trained through the e-tool management software. Reminder Emails are sent to the employees not performing the e-tool in the agreed time limit.

It is possible to train as many employees as agreed at the same time, but in practice we have seen that it is best to divide the employees into training groups (if there are e.g. thousands of employees to be trained) and the training is done in the agreed phases with agreed time table.

This way the management of the training, reminders, reporting etc. is more controlled and high quality.

Where does the e-learning tool reside from a technical standpoint?

The e-learning tool is not stand-alone program but the IT platform is created (coded) and supported by our partner IT company and created with Partner’s Gimlet software (HTML5). The e-tool is web-based and hosted on a secure server in Helsinki, Finland.

We ourselves in our PV-team create the content of the tool, manage and follow the training groups, tracking, documentation etc. All of this is managed via the Gimlet software (HTML5). The Emails with the training link and the reminders are sent trough the software, as well as the documentation is uploaded from the software.

What are the applicable browsers?

Native Gimlet courses developed for HTML5 playback are supported on following browsers and versions on PCs, notepads and tablets including Apple iPad. Newer versions are supposed to be supported assuming that browser follows HTML5 standard requirements.

  • Firefox 10 ->
  • Internet Explorer 11 ->
  • Chrome 15 ->
  • Safari 6.0 ->

Native Gimlet LMS courses may be viewed also on other browsers and various mobile devices supporting basic HTML5 functionality but all screen sizes and browser versions are not fully tested and currently not officially supported.

More information about HTML5 and limitations of certain browsers and versions available at

Potential IT-problems

As with any other e-learning tools, employees might face some communication problems e.g. they are not able to print out the certificate, they can not log in or the game does not open as it should. We are able to send both a certificate and a new link to employee if needed. Sometimes these communication problems cause that the employees results are not up to date in the Gimlet management tool, in these cases we can not ensure that the training has been passed and the employee could be asked to do the training again.