“Now I am sure that the pharmacovigilance training reaches the right people “


Bayer is an international company that conducts product development within the healthcare and agricultural sectors. Bayer employs approximately 800 people in Finland. One of Bayer’s largest clinical research units  globally is located in Espoo, and the medicinal products manufactured at the manufacturing plant in Turku are exported to over 100 countries.

Bayer Finland has been among the first pharmaceutical companies to start using Medicine Village, a new drug safety online learning environment.
– In the past, the annual pharmacovigilance training sessions at Bayer were held by specialists who met the employees in face to face training sessions. The problem with these types of arrangements was the fact that the proposed sessions never suited everyone and as the the follow-up of participants was manual, the individuals responsible for the drug safety trainings had to walk around uncertain whether the entire staff had been trained in the appropriate manner, says  Mia Tolonen from Bayern.


After Bayer started using the online course the performance monitoring has been automated and the pharmacovigilance department is now up to date on the reach of the pharmacovigilance training throughout the organization.
– We’ve been really happy with this approach and discussed with the service provider Biocodex Oy whether similar forms of training could for be used for  i.e.  quality trainings and trainings for product complaints- or reporting issues.

Tolonen also has some ideas for how the ongoing course could be developed:
– Naturally, we expect the material to be renewed on a regular basis so that those who take the course annually will get something new from the course each time. We have also found that sometimes people accidentally leave the course without completing it. In these cases  it might be good if the system would send a reminder to complete the course automatically.

Susanna Heinonen who is the Pharmacovigilance Manager at Biocodex Oy is happy to hear about any ideas for service development:
– Continuous product development is an important part of our service.  We gather the the feedback and requests we get from our customers and take these into consideration when developing our services. We have already started developing the existing online training environment. The user friendliness and instructions have been improved, in addition the “real life cases” have been changed and new cases have been added in an effort to make the training interesting for the customers who keep using the training tool on an annual basis.

There are also plans of expanding the course material into different topics:
– Because of high levels of interest as well as the requests by our customers we have started the development of new online trainings Susanna Heinonen announces.  We are also planning on introducing webinars targeted at experts. For trainings aimed at the entire staff we have started developing a quality related in GDP (Good Distribution Practice) online training.