Drug safety training with knowledge assessment



Takeda, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, operates globally in over 70 countries and it has grown to be the biggest pharmaceutical company in Asia during its 230 years in operation. The company employs approximately 50 persons in Finland in importation and marketing activities.

Responsible Pharmacist, Head of Drug Safety Johanna Kause is responsible for training of drug safety to the personnel of Takeda in Finland.
“I personally orientate every new employee to the drug safety. Previously we organised an annual refresher training for all staff for instance in connection with conference for personnel or during the training days of different sales groups. In practice this meant that we organised several training sessions during one year” Johanna tells.

Now Medicinevillage, a web-based drug safety training, has been tested at Takeda. “It is especially good that In Medicinevillage we got to include also the assessment of personal know-how into the training. In autumn we allowed the personnel to choose between web-based drug safety training and a lecture including the knowledge assessment. The feedback regarding the web-based course has been positive and the employees appreciate the fact that they can work with the material whenever it fits their schedule. The service is pleasant, convenient and a novel method to refresh the important know-how in our work. We also have been thanked for promoting digitalisation of our organisation at our part.” Johanna rejoices and tells that she is planning a presentation of the service to her colleagues in other countries.