Ingenious option for mass lectures!

Medicinevillage is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly e-learning tool that keeps your personnel up-to-date and educated with pharmacovigilance. It meets the regulatory requirements, makes documentation easier and uplifts the profile of the safety team.

Heavy burden with the regulatory requirements?

Statutory drug safety training sets many challenges to pharmaceutical companies. It has to be organized annually and concerns most of the personnel. Traditional lectures and seminar days are time-demanding, and expensive, as they usually take place in one location and require travelling. Also, the traditional way is not always optimal for learning and internalizing.

Our Medicinevillage e-learning tool uplifts your pharmacovigilance training:


Cost efficient

No travelling, no document handling.



Whenever, wherever, all you need is an internet access.



Professional PV team takes care that your personnel is aware of the latest knowledge.



Motivating, creative and visual way of learning.

Make your QPPV happy!

Medicinevillage offers a compelling learning environment with three different learning paths depending on employee’s position and real-life reportable cases for learning. Furthermore, it provides useful background information about pharmacovigilance alongside the cases. At the end of training, exam is held to verify the level of knowledge.

Medicinevillage e-learning tool is easy to bring into use and it provides you all the documentation needed to meet the regulatory requirements. In other words, it makes your QPPV happy!

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